I have used John Smart's MaxIt. The company works with your organization to 
build your dictionaries.  You then can add to those dictionaries.

It took a little getting use to, but I thought it was a very useful tool.  I'm 
not sure about checking for a specific style guides.  MaxIt has it's own set of 
rules and I don't remember if that was one of the options for editing how the 
software worked.

I know that they now have a version that is MaxIt "light".  Less money and not 
all that much hand holding.  With the whole package they come in an train the 
users on the product and work with you to develop your terminology.

John is a transplanted Aussie with a great sense of humor. His product was 
developed out of the aerospace business. Even though I don't have MaxIt at my 
current job, I still use the skills developed with MaxIt.

Beth Tripp
<It looks like MAXit Checker (via same URL) would be the comparable product for 
unstructured FM...? Correct?

Has anyone used MAXit?

Rene Stephenson

"Combs, Richard" <richard.combs at Polycom.com> wrote: Yves Barbion wrote:

> I'm looking for a style checker tool that dynamically checks
> whether DITA-structured text complies with terminology
> databases and style guides. Something that does the following:

You need to look into Controlled English. I doubt you'll get your entire
wish list (without spending a fortune on customization and consulting),
but you can get 90% of what you need. Check out Smart Communications
(http://www.smartny.com/) -- they seem to be the leader in the field. I
can't directly vouch for them, or anyone else -- we've only done some
preliminary investigation.


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