Chris Borokowski wrote:

> This is Rick Quatro writing about FrameScript, so you can see 
> his writing style and get a good introduction to the language.

I'll second Beverly's and Chris's advice to check out Rick Quatro's book
and online tutorials. I also recommend buying his Super Web Bundle of
scripts because (a) they perform a broad range of tasks and may take
care of a good portion of your scripting needs as is, and (b) they serve
as examples and starting points for developing your own scripts. 

That said, the OP didn't know that FrameScript adds a menu to FM -- that
suggests that the OP hasn't even spent much time looking at the
information at the Finite Matters website, much less the documentation.
Also, the OP mentioned downloading the trial version. It's necessary to
request an evaluation license from Finite Matters (this is explained on
the website). FrameScript won't work without a license key; maybe that's
the reason it's not working. 


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