Hi, Ron:

The most common FM unix ("universal") keystrokes for operating in a
table follow a pattern that begins with the prefix Escape t <key>
<key> (tap Escape then tap t, then tap the key(s) one by one.

Prefix these commands with Escape:

NOTE: "!" represents Escape key

Selection (highlight) in table
! t h e (cEll)  //highlight cell; repeat to extend to next cell
! t h r (Row) //highlight row; repeat to extend to next row
! t h c (Column) //highlight current column; repeat to extend to next column
! t h t (Table) //highlight current table

Movement in table
! t m d //table move Down one row
! t m u //table move Up one row
! t m r //table move Right one column
! t m l //table move Left one column
! t m e //table move to right End of row
! t m a //table move be A left end of row
! t m t //table move to Top of current column
! t m b //table move to Bottom of current column



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On 6/26/07, Ron Miller <ronsmiller at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi:
> I 'm working in Frame 7.1 running Windows in Parallels on a Mac Book
> Pro.
> I can't seem to select a row in a table and I'm wondering if someone
> could give me the Mac keyboard command to select a row in a table.

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