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On 6/27/07, Ron Miller <ronsmiller at comcast.net> wrote:
> Yes, theEscape sequence worked fine.
> For the record, I was trying to select a row in the table and it
> certainly is not intuitive with this keyboard. I was ready to connect
> my Windows keyboard out of frustration.

Did you try searching in FrameMaker Help for variations on "select
table row" (with or without quotes)? The topic "Selection in Tables"
has a table of the same shortcuts that several of us have posted here.

Don't overook the value of time spent wrestling with the karma of the
Help search too. There's a lot of stuff in Help, but it's not always
immediately obvious how to ask for it, or which of the returned topics
has the key to resolving your question.

Similarly, search phrases on Google also return lots of stuff that you
need to check and filter for your needs.

> Thanks for all the tips.

Questions are always welcome on these forums. They do keep things
interesting, and they do get results. But... searching Help and Google
help you improve your own resource even more.

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