At 12:50 -0600 21/6/07, Van Boening, Tammy wrote:

>How do I need to set up my links in the Framemaker file and is there
>anything special that I need to do to the PDFs?

No-one else seems to have picked this up, so...

As far as I can remember, FrameMaker's message client works with absolute 
pathnames. Therefore, if you use a file name only [no path] in your hypertext 
marker, all the final PDFs must reside in the same folder for the links to 
work. If they do not reside in the same folder, then the message client 
pathnames must be full and absolute. Clearly this will make your resulting PDF 
file set very, very non-portable, so it would be much preferable to arrange for 
all linked files to end up in the same directory if possible. This would allow, 
for example, your CD-ROM file set to be copied onto a local drive and still 
work, as long as the relative locations of the component PDFs did not change.


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