At 05:34 +0100 27/6/07, I wrote:

>As far as I can remember, FrameMaker's message client works with absolute 
>pathnames. Therefore, if you use a file name only [no path] in your hypertext 
>marker, all the final PDFs must reside in the same folder for the links to 
>work. If they do not reside in the same folder, then the message client 
>pathnames must be full and absolute. Clearly this will make your resulting PDF 
>file set very, very non-portable, so it would be much preferable to arrange 
>for all linked files to end up in the same directory if possible. This would 
>allow, for example, your CD-ROM file set to be copied onto a local drive and 
>still work, as long as the relative locations of the component PDFs did not 

...but I was wrong:

At 11:35 -0500 27/6/07, Lisa M. Balbes, Ph.D. wrote:

>As much as I hate to disagree, the hypertext linking can be done with relative 
>pathnames as well.  I just checked, and "message openfile 
>_Addendum/Spreadsheets/Conversions.xls" works to open a spreadsheet in a 
>supplemental folder sent along with the pdf.

Always happy to learn new stuff about FrameMaker :-) However, the main point I 
was trying to make was that a hard-coded pathname will limit portability.


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