Hi, Fei Min:

I think there's a FrameMaker plug-in or script that adds the ability
you want. Try searching Google and the various fora for variations on
see also plugin, FrameMaker plug-ins, etc.

I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned it by name, yet. Perhaps
re-titling your subject to something like "FrameMaker see-also TOC
enhancement needed," you'd get more focused responses.

Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

On 6/27/07, FeiMin_Lorente at amis.com <FeiMin_Lorente at amis.com> wrote:
> This is my first time creating an index in FrameMaker in over 10 years, so
> I'm a bit out of touch. The last time I had to do this, we just printed
> the manual; we didn't publish it as a PDF.
> Now I've discovered that when I have a "see" or "see also" reference in my
> index, the PDF version of the index creates a link from those words to the
> place where I put that index marker. For example, if my index entry has:
> absolute data file
>         see .o file and .cfo file
> then when someone clicks on "see", they jump to the place in text where I
> created the index marker. The index marker contains:
> absolute data file:<Emphasis>see <Default Para Font>.o file <Emphasis>and
> <Default Para Font>.cfo file<$nopage>
> Ideally, this is what I'd like it to do in the PDF:
> link on the words ".o file" and ".cfo file" instead of on "see".
> jump to the index entries for ".o file" and ".cfo file"
> If we can't do that, I would settle for not having a link at all.
> This case is somewhat palatable because if you click on "see", at least it
> takes you to somewhere that talks about .o files and .cfo files. However,
> I have another reference entry for "manipulating" which points readers to
> "changing", and since this is just a synonym and doesn't have a specifi
> context, it's rather confusing when it jumps to "Breakpoint Manipulation".
> I'm using FrameMaker 7.2, the structured flavour (but I don't think that
> makes any difference in this case), on Windows XP.
> Fei Min

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