Underneath the "File name" dropdown is another dropdown, "Files of type." 
What's in that box? If it's not "All files (*.*)," but set instead to a 
particular extension, Frame only displays files with that particular 
extension. If it's set for an extension that you are not seeking, and no 
files in that directory have that extension, then Frame won't display a pick 

Mike Wickham

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> When I choose File > Import > File to import a graphic, and then type the
> first character of the name of the graphic, I get to see a drop-down list 
> in
> the Import dialog box, displaying only the files whose the name starts 
> with
> this first character. And the list gets shorter as I type more characters 
> of
> the file name. This is very handy if you have a graphics folder containing 
> a
> lot of files. But now, on one of my computers, this no longer works. No 
> idea
> why, I didn't change any setting in Windows Explorer (at least, not that 
> I'm
> aware of ;-)), it just stopped working a couple of days ago.

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