The other Adobe applications use a common graphics
subystem based on Adobe's AGM, CoolType, ACE, and other
Core Technology components used for the various interfaces
described below. FrameMaker is not based on these components
and cannot leverage the MacOS X portation work done for 
those products for a FrameMaker portation. Plus, at this 
point, a migration of development tools to xCode would need 
to be done from Code Warrior, a double whammy in terms of 
time and cost.

        - Dov

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> From: Graeme R Forbes
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> Subject: RE: Frame's future @ Mac/UNIX
> Dov said:
> "Although MacOS X has UNIX underpinnings, the difficult
> stuff relating to user interfaces, font access, output,
> etc. is all exclusive to MacOS X"
> In other words, the difficult stuff has all been dealt with for 
> GoLive, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. etc. So Adobe employs people who 
> know how to get a document to print on a Mac, even under the 
> formidably taxing OSX. It just chose not to put them to work on FM, 
> because there was little demand for its previous, non-OSX, 
> new-feature-thin FM upgrades. Terrific.
> Graeme Forbes

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