I use the email review feature with the STC Phoenix chapter newsletter,
Rough Draft. The first review is named "month-commenting.pdf." If we need a
second round, I generate another PDF, then name that file
"month-commenting-2.pdf." and send that out. We haven't had any problems and
it works beautifully. BTW this is in Acrobat 7.

Karen L. Zorn
Zorn Technologies, Inc.
Mesa, AZ

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Hi all-

This is a tad off-topic but if anyone can answer this, it's you all. Does
anyone use the email-based review feature in Acrobat? If so, how do you send
an updated draft once the first round of comments has been incorporated and
the PDF regenerated? I've R'edTFOH, and of course it's not as helpful as the
name would have you think. Thanks for any help on this -Lin

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