> At my job we use unstructured Frame 7.2 on Windows XP. We often typeset
> tables that contain columns of numbers. In these columns, we vertically
> align cell contents on the decimal. We do it by manually, adding numerical
> spaces and hard spaces at the beginning of cell contents where needed. 
> We'd
> like to find a way to automate this.

FrameMaker will handle it for you easily. Assign a paragraph tag to the 
cells in the column. In the Paragraph Designer, on the Basic tab, assign a 
new tab stop at the position you want the decimal. Set it as a "Decimal" 
tab, and put a period in the "Align on" box. Click the Continue button, then 
the Update All button. Now, all you have to do is put a tab before each 
number and the numbers will align on the decimal point. (Note: in a table, 
you have to press Esc Tab to enter a tab. Otherwise, a tab moves the cursor 
to the next cell.)

Mike Wickham

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