Donna... forgive me for ignoring the rest of your post: I've not had my morning 
intravenous caffeine injection yet.

>-> How bad is it to have 2 chapters in one file? I don't mind to split the 
>file. I'm asking purely out of curiosity, and I already brace myself for the 
>outcry this question might provoke.

Much badness. FrameMaker's 'simple' book numbering approach - as opposed to the 
more complex methods used prior to Version 5.5 - is based on the $chapnum 
variable, and this mandates one chapter per file. Do yourself a favor - split 
the chapters.

The only case I can think of where you would not want to use numbering based on 
$chapnum and restarting para numbering for each chapter is if you explicitly 
needed to carry one or more numbering threads right through a book, or needed 
to have a numbering thread that was reset asynchronously with chapters.

Your point (1) was dealt with here recently: check the archives.

(2) Suggest you use $volnum for part numbering.

>Last but not least, all these Lists of ? are taking up too much space.  The 
>closest that I could move them together is to start each file on the next 
>available page. Is it possible to have all the List of Figures, Tables, and 
>Paragraphs in one file but as three separate lists?

You can set up FrameMaker to start on the next available page. Afaik the only 
way to have them all in the same file is to manually combine them after final 
book generation - and that will snarf your page numbering unless you are 

On a general point, there are some extremely good white papers about FrameMaker 
numbering available from the Mother Ship,


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