I can see that Run-in Head would be my solution if the FM files that I 
want to import were simpler.

I made a 2pt pgf tag and used it. But how do I use the Bottom Margin 
setting to reduce the empty space further? The setting is 0.0 pt. I can 
increase the gap but I do not see how to reduce the gap. I tried a 
negative number, -10.0 pt, without effect.


Stuart Rogers wrote:
> Murray Moore wrote:
>> But the Description text inset, because it must have formatting, is a 
>> FrameMaker file. The problem is, when the FM file is imported into 
>> the Description cell, the imported text plus an empty line fills the 
>> cell. Description FM inset looks like this:
>> ------------------------ [top border of cell]
>> FM text FM text FM text
>>                         [blank line]
>> ------------------------ [bottom  border of cell]
>> What to do to eliminate the blank line?
> If you can change your Description text inset pgf tag so its 
> pagination is Run-in Head, the blank will go away.
> If you can't change that tag for some reason, then you can't make the 
> blank go away, but you can make it almost invisible. Before importing 
> the inset, create and apply a pgf tag for the Description cells that 
> specifies a font size of 2 pt, and then play with the Bottom Margin 
> setting on the Table Cell tab of the pgf designer until you get the 
> result you want.
> HTH,

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