FrameMaker + SGML 6.0p405

We have a two-column table with columns named Field and Description, e.g.


This table is in multiple books.

The names of two of the window fields that are listed in the Field 
column and described in the Description column of this table are named 
Folder Status and Description, e.g.

[Field]        [Description]
Folder Status    text
Description      text

We are importing the descriptions of Folder Status and Description into 
the Description column cells.

The Folder Status text inset is a txt file. The imported text fills the 
cell. Folder Status text inset looks like this:

-------------------------- [top border of cell]
TXT text TXT text TXT text
-------------------------- [bottom  border of cell]


But the Description text inset, because it must have formatting, is a 
FrameMaker file. The problem is, when the FM file is imported into the 
Description cell, the imported text plus an empty line fills the cell. 
Description FM inset looks like this:

------------------------ [top border of cell]
FM text FM text FM text
                         [blank line]
------------------------ [bottom  border of cell]

What to do to eliminate the blank line?


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