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>... I've found the FrameMaker Character Sets document that is available under
>the Help menu, but even when I tried entering the hex or ANSI codes from it
>with a Zapf Dingbats char tag in the para style, I still did not get a match
>between the code I put in and the resulting bullet symbol as listed in the
>document.  ...

You can directly specify the hex code shown in Windows built-in Character 
Map in FrameMaker dialog boxes. For example, the Windows icon in Wingdings 
is reported in the Character Map as "Character code: 0xFF". In FrameMaker, 
Autonumber Format box, use \xFF to refer to the same character; it will 
show in the document as the Windows icon if the font defined for the 
autonumber is Wingdings.

[ Starting with FM6.0, the FrameMaker Character Sets PDF has some 
inaccuracies --see . The Windows 
Character Map is recommended instead ]

Shlomo Perets

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