David Creamer just sent around a great little resource for just that

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At the risk of sounding stupid, how do you know what letter corresponds
to the symbol you want? That's the crux of my question.

Thanks to Ann and Shlomo for reminding me of how to use the hex code.
That worked just fine and was the method I'd used before, but I'd
forgotten the "formula" for how to use the hex code.

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At 17:34 -0600 11/3/07, Linda G. Gallagher wrote:

>I could swear I've done this before, but how to do it is eluding me. I 
>was trying to show someone how to create bulleted lists with different 
>types of bullet symbols. I have a couple of examples from existing 
>documents that worked, but I wanted to show them how to figure out how 
>to set it up from scratch.

If you don't want to mess with character codes, set your desired bullet
as a character tag (for example, Dingbats, Wingdings) and use the
tag in the Automnumber field. This way you can merely use the letter
corresponds with the character in the bullet font that you want. For
example, the letter 'N' equates with the large square in Zapf Dingbats.

You can also use this method to set a different font size for the bullet
you wish, although you may get baseline alignment problems. There is a
hack for this which I forget but which has been documented here before.



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