I had a feeling that was it. Thanks.
I have since talked with my print shop and they can easily manipulate  
the acrobat pdf pages in pitstop and get the desired results if they  
were doing the files.
Now if my client can get her printer to do the same no problem. If  
not she will send them to my printer and be done with it.

Again, thanks for the response.

Scott White
Media Production Manager
Implementation Coordinator
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On Mar 12, 2007, at 12:18 PM, Dov Isaacs wrote:

> Scott,
> The awful truth is that FrameMaker Windows only produces
> RGB output via Windows GDI, even when printing to a
> PostScript print, with the exception of EPS files whose
> content is passed directly through to a PostScript device.
> Thus, so-called spot colors in your document are sent out
> as RGB colors as are any other colors in your FrameMaker
> document. If your PostScript printer driver instance is
> properly setup, at least your black and gray will come
> out as grayscale, but any CMYK or spot colors will appear
> in PostScript (and in any subsequent PDF) as RGB.
> There is at least one third party product out there that
> can intercept the RGB and try to resynthesize spot colors.
> See <> and more
> specifically <>
> for one such program.
>       - Dov
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>> From: Scott White
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>> To: Framers
>> Subject: Color seperation help
>> I have  a client who is running windows xp and Frame 7.2. She
>> sent her files to the printer for a two-color job -- a black
>> plate and a spot color plate.
>> Her printer is telling her that her file is coming out on
>> four plates thus cmyk when it is distilled. We went through
>> her settings in frame and distiller and she has her files set
>> correctly. Since I do al color work in Frame on my MAC is
>> there something I'm missing on the PC settings to ensure a
>> good file output for a two-color job?
>> Thanks for the help.
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