Hello list,

I've just come across this topic and saw the comment from Dov Isaacs, who 
kindly provided a link to our Grafikhuset Publi PDF software, the successor to 
the relatively aged, but quite popular Colour Chameleon software.

I have to add to Dovs comment that Grafikhuset Publi PDF have to have its 
Optimizer module enabled to provide the functionality most Framemaker users 
need (if they work with colored documents). Please see 
<http://www.grafikhuset.net/publipdf/OptimizerPlugin.htm> for details. In most 
cases Framemaker users should concentrate on the Color Optimizer part and 
ignore the Media Optimizer part (depending on template design, but enabling 
Media Optimizer will likely require significant changes to both design and 
general workflow).

If you work with SPOT colors you might have special interest in the 
"OptimizerAutoMergeSpotPlates" feature 
 which may be worth an extra study.

Dov mention the RGB limitation on Windows. If you want to know more about this 
issue you might find my "Difficult PDF documents in prepress" article 

Finally, I have to add that Grafikhuset provide a 30-day live *client* edition 
for download (http://www.grafikhuset.net/PubliPDF/download.htm). Feel free to 
use and test it in sharp production for as long as it lives.

All the best
Jacob Sch?ffer
Author of Grafikhuset Publi PDF

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