Dear all,

for the last ten years I have been working at Scriptware bv in the
Netherlands ( as a specialist in supporting activities for
creating, translating and publishing multilingual technical documentation.
Started as a DTP FrameMaker specialist I became Project manager and ended up
as senior responsible for all projects that include DTP and XML publishing.

Next month I will leave Scriptware and start my own business as a DTP and
documentation specialist - named iDTP (international Desk Top Publishing and
Documentation Consultancy). From then I will be available for assignments
DTP, FrameMaker or XML publishing as well as contract Project Coordinator

Apart from production I deliver consultancy and hands on for structuring
technical documentation. 

Please visit my Web Site:  It's continuously 'under
construction' and will become a source for information on FrameMaker, DTP
and XML-publishing.

For information, call me on +31652036811 or on line via Skype

Any request can be send to: idtp at 

Kindest regards,

Wim Hooghwinkel
International DTP
DTP and Documentation Consultancy

tel. +31652036811

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