This issue was raised a few times in the past. In the case discussed below, 
Martin sent me generic sample files with which the problem was easily 
reproduced in FM 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2.

I'll patiently repeat my recommendation not to use "Save as PDF", for this 
and several other reasons.

I fully agree with Diane Gaskill's recommendation: set the FrameMaker book 
name so that it has the name you need for
your PDF, and don't change the name when print to a .ps file (or when/if 
you use "Save as PDF").

Don't rename the PDF either, unless it's not part of a document set and 
only after you verified that its "internal" links do not point to the old name.
For a current FM>PDF example, see [When 
internal links go ... (external | bad),
Feb. 2007]


>Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005
>To: Martin Polley <martin_keren at>
>From: Shlomo Perets <shlomo2 at>
>Subject: Re: Rename PDF, xrefs stop working (more)
>Cc: Framers at


>Upon further examination, I was able to reproduce the creation of PDF 
>links which use a filename even though the link is internal in FrameMaker 
>7.0, 7.1 and 7.2, but only when "Save as PDF" was used.  In the same 
>tests, the problem was not encountered even once when printing books to a 
>.ps file and then distilling to PDF.
>Given this FrameMaker bug, we may have yet another reason to stick to the 
>original PDF file names, yet another reason to print to .ps rather than 
>Save as PDF, and yet another reason to test PDF links carefully...
>Shlomo Perets
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