Sorry to disagree, but I use Save As all the time (doing exactly what
Nancy does) and I don't have a problem at all with the links in the
TOC/index still working. Internally, links are not affected by a Save
As, only externally. 

Nancy, if you want contact me offlist and we can discuss further.


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Hi Nancy,

This is not a strange problem. It is the way that Acrobat is designed.
The links contain the filenames that exist when you creat them.  You
cannot change the external name of the file afterward and expect the
internal link names to change too.  It doesn't happen.  Your observation
is correct.
Acrobat is looking for the original file names.

The solution is to decide on the final file names before you save as PDF
from Frame.

Hope this helps.

Diane Gaskill

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Hi all,

We are experiencing a strange pdf problem. We have several Frame books
that we create pdf's from. We're using Frame 7.2 and I select the Save
As feature and  then save as pdf. The problem happens when we change the
name of the pdf file to  anything different than the name of the book
file (with the .pdf extension).  Many of the links in the index and TOC
say that the pdf file does not exist  because it seems to be looking for
the name of the book file (with the .pdf  extension) and not the new
name of the pdf file.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Nancy Adams


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