According to the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the bible for most
US academic writing, multiple short footnotes may be placed on the
same line, but it isn't encouraged. However, I'd put multiples way
down on my FM "want" list, after making the call-and-fix placement fix
and a number of other fixes. ;- )


On 3/21/07, Rob Shell <rshell at> wrote:
> Hi framies:
> I have submitted a suggestion to Adobe for an improvement (copied below) . I
> wonder if anyone would support me? Again I am drawing my example from 19th
> century typesetting. "Back to the future department."
> Here it is:
> Improvement: Multiple short footnotes on a single line as in 19th Century
> books
> The FM  page logic might be improved if Framemaker allowed 2, 3,4 footnotes
> on a single line in the footnote region. Not all footnotes are long and not
> all need a full line.
> My suggested improvement would look like this
> _____________footnote sep line
>    2This is the first footnote. 3 Ibid.    4 Loc.cit
> FrameMaker has a bad habit of placing footnote calls and notes on different
> pages. This suggestion might help and also make the page look better.
> p.s. Anyone know how to keep the call and the footnote together globally? My
> latest document is 5,000 pages long and its tiresome to go through the whole
> thing....
> Robert C.-H. Shell

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