For those of us writing training docs, Instructional technology
   documentation uses APA (Publication Manual of the American Psychological
   Association). This guide says to place footnotes double-spaced on separate
   The 19th-century style mentioned was implemented to save paper, and is handy
   when you have a great many footnotes. Gibbon's History of the Decline and
   Fall of the Roman Empire comes to mind.

   This should be an option in Frame--we shouldn't be locked into one style.
   --Sean Pollock
   Leraning Media Development, UGS Corp.

     From:  "Art Campbell" <art.campbell at>
     To:  "Rob Shell" <rshell at>, Framers
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     Subject:  Re: Footnote placement improvement for practical and
     Date:  Wed, 21 Mar 2007 07:41:02 -0400
     >According to the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the bible for
     >US academic writing, multiple short footnotes may be placed on the
     >same line, but it isn't encouraged. However, I'd put multiples way
     >down on my FM "want" list, after making the call-and-fix placement
     >and a number of other fixes. ;- )
     >On 3/21/07, Rob Shell <rshell at> wrote:
     >>Hi framies:
     >>I have submitted a suggestion to Adobe for an improvement (copied
     >>below) . I
     >>wonder if anyone would support me? Again I am drawing my example
     >>from 19th
     >>century typesetting. "Back to the future department."
     >>Here it is:
     >>Improvement: Multiple short footnotes on a single line as in 19th
     >>The FM  page logic might be improved if Framemaker allowed 2, 3,4
     >>on a single line in the footnote region. Not all footnotes are long
     >>and not
     >>all need a full line.
     >>My suggested improvement would look like this
     >>_____________footnote sep line
     >>    2This is the first footnote. 3 Ibid.    4 Loc.cit
     >>FrameMaker has a bad habit of placing footnote calls and notes on
     >>pages. This suggestion might help and also make the page look
     >>p.s. Anyone know how to keep the call and the footnote together
     >>globally? My
     >>latest document is 5,000 pages long and its tiresome to go through
     >>the whole
     >>Robert C.-H. Shell
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