Hedley's suggestions for improving Frame's footnote handling are all 
very good ones, but the chances of them being implemented are nil, I 
think. Some of us have been complaining about FM's note handling for, 
oh, 14 years, and I have quite a collection of nice messages spanning 
that period from Frame Tech and Adobe, to the effect that yes, this 
is a popular request, and will certainly be considered.

It's been explained to me that getting footnotes to break properly 
across pages would be such a massive project involving such huge 
amounts of code re-writing that the entire population of India would 
need to get degrees in computer science. We are in the same ballpark 
as putting a man or woman on Mars, or curing the common cold, or 
building a working fusion reactor, or getting FM to run natively in 

For documents with relatively few footnotes, there's a manual 
workaround involving anchored frames and trial-and-error cutting and 
pasting. I have written up a description of it -- ask and ye shall be 
given. But Rob said

>My latest document is 5,000 pages long [...]



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