Steve, I like your thinking, but in my view HTML code
is dead except as a transit  mechanism. You can to get
your structured FrameMaker content into a CMS so you
spend less time in FTP/HTML updating stuff that is
better handled by an automated link and document

I'm looking along these lines for the websie for the
consulting firm for which I work (
We're a small office that handles many different
tasks, and it looks terrible that the last one on the
list appears to be our website. If I find anything
definitive that's not a hack, I'll let you know.

--- Steve Rickaby <srickaby at>

> It occurs to me that as FrameMaker comes with an
> 'out of the box' XHTML structured application, it
> might be a useful tool for prototyping web content
> (without any  WYSIWYG) prior to export into a web
> development app such as Dreamweaver.

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