It's hard to keep a website updated, which is one
reason many people are switching to portable document
formats. I can do all the web development in my sleep,
but am looking toward a next generation site that I
can make portable without losing URL placement and
without extensive, manual reformatting.

My current plan is FrameMaker -> XML -> CMS, possibly
via XSLT to format data appropriately.

--- Steve Rickaby <srickaby at>

> >I'm looking along these lines for the websie for
> the consulting firm for which I work
> ( We're a small office that
> handles many different tasks, and it looks terrible
> that the last one on the list appears to be our
> website.
> Been there, got the T-shirt. My site was the result
> of a grant back in 1999, but it is so far off what I
> now do, or even think, that it's become a bit of an
> embarrassment. It's also engineers to cope with
> [fight?] the browsers and web 'standards' that were
> prevalent back in '99.

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