Did you change the Automatic Change Bar setting in the Book file? Book
file settings overwrite individual file settings.

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On 3/26/07, John Pilla <John.Pilla at> wrote:
> I have about 24 files in a book.
> Each file is from a word document, cleaned and saved as RTF.
> The FrameMaker template files ea RTF was imported into - they were all the
> same, copies of ea other.
> However, after importing ea RTF into ea FM file, some of the FM files
> displayed change bars and conditional text.
> Coming from the RTF, I gathered.
> I selected all of the text in every FM file, and changed all text to
> Unconditional.
> Then I ensured that the Change Bar setting was to OFF,
> and I clicked to clear all change bars  --  in every FM file.
> However, in a couple of the FM files, the tables will still display a
> change bar when I edit the text.
> ???
> Is there a separate (from the document) change bar setting for tables?
> FM 7 p579,   Windows XP SP2.
> ............................................................

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