When you say you cleaned the files, do you mean that you saved the FM
files as MIF to remove hidden Word characters and then reopened and
saved the MIFs as FM files?

If not, and if hidden Word chacters are triggering the change bars,
this would clear it.


On 3/26/07, John Pilla <John.Pilla at us.ibm.com> wrote:
> I have about 24 files in a book.
> Each file is from a word document, cleaned and saved as RTF.
> The FrameMaker template files ea RTF was imported into - they were all the
> same, copies of ea other.
> However, after importing ea RTF into ea FM file, some of the FM files
> displayed change bars and conditional text.
> Coming from the RTF, I gathered.
> I selected all of the text in every FM file, and changed all text to
> Unconditional.
> Then I ensured that the Change Bar setting was to OFF,
> and I clicked to clear all change bars  --  in every FM file.

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