Hi, Rebecca:

The most serious problem with becoming becoming known among your 
colleagues for your FrameMaker expertise, it makes you a key resource 
whose own productivity is reduced every time you are interrupted to 
provide support to a co-worker.

Even if you only support one other worker, support reduces your 
productivity; it obviously becomes worse with larger numbers of workers 
to support.

If your work situation permits it (some don't permit subscribing to 
resources like frameusers.com, and Adobe's user-to-user FrameMaker 
forums) it could be more effective to invest in training those who might 
need support, to subscribe, read, search, post, and receive responses on 
these resource lists. In other words, "teach them to fish, instead of 
catching the fish for them."

It would be expensive for each user have a support contract. If one or 
several users have support contracts with the expectation that they'd 
channel the support requests, then the original problem is only 
distributed among them - the skilled users reduce their productivity 
when supporting others.

Do the math first, build a model, then evaluate.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Rebecca.L.Frasure at aphis.usda.gov wrote:
> Our IT dept has suggested we get an Adobe support package for problems 
> with Framemaker. I personally always use this group instead and will 
> continue to do so. Will a support package help the rest of them with their 
> problems? And I don't know what kind of problems. We had a problem with 
> dropped fonts for awhile, but I found the Dov Isaacs email about PDF 
> settings and fixed mine, at least. 

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