Fred and Richard,

   Thanks much for the help! I did update the book and that, apparently,
was what I had done on the previous chapter that was messed up. It
worked on the second chapter and all is right with my numbering once

Thanks much, again!

Samuel I. Beard, Jr.
Technical Writer
OI Analytical
979 690-1711 Ext. 222
sbeard at

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Use the Update Book command, and all should be fine again. 

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Hello All,

   I'm using Frame 7.2b144 on Windows XP.

   We had some serious network issues starting sometime last Thursday or
so, continuing up until late last night/this morning. They seem to be
resolved for now, but we've had some strange issues come up since then.
For example, I have a book with several chapters in it. A couple of
these chapters were corrupted in some manner and two of them showed this
same numbering issue. I resolved it in one, but I'm not quite sure how,
so I don't know how to resolve it in the other. Instead of the chapter
and page numbering continuing as it should from chapter file to chapter
file, the book shows only one page in the chapter, even though there ARE
several more pages. For example, Chapter 8 is pages 309 to 316, Chapter
9 is 317 (with 42 pages actually in the file), and Chapter 10 is pages
318 to 337. A previous file did the same thing, but I don't remember
what I did to resolve it. I tried a number of things and finally just
stumbled upon the answer. But, nothing seems to be working this time. 

   Any ideas would be greatly appreciated it!

Samuel I. Beard, Jr.

Technical Writer

OI Analytical

979 690-1711 Ext. 222

sbeard at


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