That's a great idea, Matt. I've contacted my insurance agent to see  
if this is a possibility. I'm also contacting Fireman's as Kelley  
suggested and I've gotten some offlist replies for which I'm grateful.

FYI, I'm located in California so that may affect the whole experience.

Thanks everyone and please continue to send me ideas as they occur to  


On May 1, 2007, at 9:24 AM, Matt Sullivan wrote:

> Business liability insurance is usually quite expensive for what  
> you get,
> but I got great advice from an insurance pal...
> For those only needing self-coverage, attach a business rider to a  
> homeowner
> or renter policy. If you already carry such insurance, the increase  
> in rates
> is maybe 1/3 compared to a full policy and can give the exact coverage
> needed.
> If you don't already have some sort of personal property insurance,  
> here's a
> great excuse to cover things like engagement rings, watches, etc.
> I think adding the business coverage along with items over my  
> normal policy
> limits was about 1/2 my previous business policy.
> If anybody needs direct advice, I "know a guy"
> Contact me off list if you'd like to email him.

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