Yes, that's right.  Our latest Mif2Go release, 48, 
enables you to make DITA topics and maps directly 
from UNstructured FrameMaker files.  We support 
DITA 1.1, including the new glossentry topic type, 
out of the box.  We even make it easy to add your 
own specializations.  And you can optionally run 
it all as a batch process with our runfm utility.

Of course, we also support DITA from structured
FrameMaker files.  In fact, you can even use our 
DITA output to get from unstructured to structured
FrameMaker, without a conversion table.  You do
have to map formats to elements, but that's a
simple process, basically "formatname=element".
We've added three chapters on DITA to the User's 
Guide, with plenty of explanations and examples.

We think this capability makes keeping FrameMaker
as your single-sourcing authoring environment a
better choice than ever.  Set it up once, then get 
valid DITA with a few mouse clicks, along with 
professional PDFs via FrameMaker, Word on demand,
and a long list of Help formats (WinHelp, HTML Help, 
Eclipse Help, JavaHelp, Oracle Help for Java, and 
open-source cross-platform OmniHelp) plus HTML, 
XHTML, and XML as you like it.  No other workflow 
gives you so much, so easily, at such a low cost 
in both time and money.

Try it yourself; the free unlimited demo is at:

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  <jeremy at>

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