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Try this (FM 7.2 or 7.1 or..., english international):

1) create an equation (e.g. \sum ENTER ^2 ).
   The effect will more visible if your equation uses indices and exponents.
2) select the equation (pressing space as often as needed)
3) with the equations palette (delimiters) apply the lower horizontal brace
4) You will see nothing in the equation
5) with the equations palette apply the upper horizontal brace
6) you may see the pieces of the long brace upright
   you will not see this if the the equation has been 
   shrinkwrapped before (even if unwrapped afterwards)
7) save as pdf and open the PDF:

The horizontal braces are there, but they are broken into non aligned 
pieces. See and

Of course this is independent of localisation (tested with german FM).

What's going wrong here?

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