At 11:08 +0100 4/5/07, Alexandra Wilowska wrote:

>I would like to set things up so as to: map Preface Heading para to the 
>Preface First master page, then for each subsequent left/right page apply 
>Preface Left or Preface Right, until a Chapter Heading para is encountered, 
>whereupon map that para to a Chapter First master page, apply it and apply 
>subsequent Chapter Left and Right pages etc. I have the same issue with 
>appendices, but you get the idea.

As you have found you, automatic mater pages map to para tags. Leaving aside 
the SP tool, which is about the only one of their products I don't yet use, you 
have two choices:

. Create unique tags wherever you need unique pages (bad)

. Set up the left/right master pages to be specific to book sections (better)

I don't personally like the idea of keeping every master page in every book 
section, but it does get around the danger of importing the wrong master pages 
by accident.

This whole area is even more of a problem when you are trying to set up a 
structured FrameMaker book for round-tripping, but fortunately that's an issue 
you don't have to contend with.

I'd be interested to hear if higher-kyu FrameMaker masters than a mere blue 
belt like me have any more elegant or ingenious methods.


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