Well, one different opinion here:

I like it very much to have a single template for all documents in a
book. It is also the way FrameMaker Structure Applications work, so it
is a good preparation for your future migration to structured FrameMaker.

Rick's comment about the deletion of extra pages is correct. But the
automatic assignment of master pages first sets all pages to the default
Left/Right and then assigns any custom pages. So for a TOC you could
define rules for the (unique) TOC paragraph formats to switch to the
custom masterpages in "single page" mode. Any extraneous pages will then
be deleted automatically. I hope.

Especially since I use custom scripts to do multi-language template
maintenance, I always use a single template.

- Michael

Am 04.05.2007 15:11, Rick Quatro schrieb/wrote:
> Hi Alexandra,
> I don't favor the Preface Right / Preface Left approach to master pages.
> It is better to have a separate Preface template with the appropriate
> default Left/Right master pages. The main reason is that only blank
> default master pages at the end of the document are deleted when the
> document is saved. Additionally, when new content is added to the
> document, the correct master pages are always applied. While it seems
> appealing to have a single template, the trade off is more work making
> sure that the correct master pages are applied.
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>> Dear Framers
>> I've just been looking into the automatic Apply Master Pages
>> functionality
>> in FM7.0 for the first time. I'm using unstructured FM on WinXP.

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