I've already responded to Kevin, and we have a solution that works.

When inserting an index marker for Kevin's "tutorial" passages, you need to
append the marker text with <Emphasis> . This would be the only difference
between the regular (or standard) reference and the tutorial references. For
example, using the index entries from Kevin's initial email, the text of the
index marker for the "creating new distribution rules" tutorial would be:

Distribution Rules:creating new distribution rules <Emphasis>

I tested this in my own doc by trying to create index entries for a report
description. The first index marker was placed where the description
started. Then I inserted the "<Emphasis>" marker where a sample screenshot
occurred. The resulting Index entry looked like this:

     return detail lookup 36, *37*

(Yes, the "37" is italicized, but the "36" is not).


From: Kevin Hunter < kev...@excelsystems.com>
Date: May 5, 2007 2:03 PM
Subject: More Elegant Indexing Solution
To: " framers at lists.frameusers.com" <framers at lists.frameusers.com>

Hi everyone,

I have a series of user guides where the first few chapters typically
include a tutorial, and the rest of the guide includes reference information
(like for each option on each screen, that type of thing). So the first
section and the last part may have overlapping topics, where in the first
section it's more of a how-to approach, and in the last, it just tells you
what it does.

What I want to do is reflect this elegantly in the index, perhaps by having
one type of reference in italics, and the standard references (to the
reference section of the guide) in normal type. Currently I have a bit of a
cumbersome approach, where in the actual index entries I just put the word
(tutorial) into the ref.

So what I want is tha instead of having this type of thing:

Distribution Rules
creating new distribution rules, 345
creating new distribution rules (tutorial), 47

to have something like

Distribution Rules
  creating new distribution rules, 47, 345

(where the 47 is in italics, not sure if that'll come through when I send
this email).

Then, in my How to Use this Guide section, I'd just have to say once that
the italics indicate references to the tutorial sections.



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