Let me explain what I am doing. I am writing a CSV file programatically. I 
have a column of document names across the top.

Doc1 Doc2 Doc3

Each row consists of a format name and the count of that format in each 
document's column.

Heading1  10   5   9
Body   40   12   22

So, for the last column in each row, I want to put a formula that will sum 
each format's count. I want to write a generic formula, if possible, because 
I don't want to keep track of the row number as I write the data. That is 
because I am writing some other things to the report.


> I am using a formula in Excel to sum the values in a row:
> =SUM(B2:F2)
> Is there a way to use a generic row reference in a formula? For
> example, I don't know for sure at run time if the data and formula
> is going to end up in the second row. What I want is something
> like this
> =SUM(B#:F#)
> where the # sign would indicate the current row containing the formula.

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