If your tags now are single space, and you want double space output,
you need to change the tags. ;- )  Sounds like you want two sets of
templates, one for each spacing, but that means that all your
pagination will also change.

It'd be a lot easier if you just used Acrobat and Reader to cut in
electronic comments / edits.


On 5/15/07, Bob Williams <bob.williams.bristol.ri at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> This may be one of those 'Well, if I KNEW which menu and function this was -
> I'd have already done it myself' questions, but...
> Wondering HOW to simply double-space my PDF output doc (from a structured
> Frame book) - so that our writers can more easily make mark ups on the
> hardcopy. They write - we production wonks put their stuff into the frame
> books. (We like it this way - less chances for them to screw up the frame
> files.)
>  - NOTE: As our structured Frame books are driven by fairly complex
> templates (customer provided and managed), I'd rather find a way to simply
> double-space the PDF from Acrobat or Distiller(?) rather than trying to
> monkey around in the template (ugh).  Or, is there a way in Frame that
> before I generate my .PS files to Distiller, that I can selectively invoke a
> double-spacing of the output?
> Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this - (bowing lowly and
> respectfully) oh great oracles of framemaker / acrobat / distiller knowledge
> bits.
> Regards all,
> Bob Williams
> Bristol RI, USA
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