Hi, Bob:

The true oracles have spoken and have left you wanting.<G>

I'm not smart enough to give up, so I'd suggest that if using 
the two-template approach in FM doesn't fit your workflow - 
and text for hard-copy printing and markup is your primary 
requirement - you could consider exporting the text from the 
PDF using full Acrobat, and opening it in FM for reformatting 
and printing to hard copy as double-spaced copy.

Although you can export graphics from PDFs, it's a separate 
task, and the graphics are numbered arbitrarily, so manually 
connecting them to their appropriate explanatory text is 
likely to be prone to human error.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Bob Williams wrote:
> Hi All,
> This may be one of those 'Well, if I KNEW which menu and function this 
> was -
> I'd have already done it myself' questions, but...
> Wondering HOW to simply double-space my PDF output doc (from a structured
> Frame book) - so that our writers can more easily make mark ups on the
> hardcopy. They write - we production wonks put their stuff into the frame
> books. (We like it this way - less chances for them to screw up the frame
> files.)
> - NOTE: As our structured Frame books are driven by fairly complex
> templates (customer provided and managed), I'd rather find a way to simply
> double-space the PDF from Acrobat or Distiller(?) rather than trying to
> monkey around in the template (ugh).  Or, is there a way in Frame that
> before I generate my .PS files to Distiller, that I can selectively 
> invoke a
> double-spacing of the output?
> Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this - (bowing lowly and
> respectfully) oh great oracles of framemaker / acrobat / distiller 
> knowledge
> bits.
> Regards all,
> Bob Williams
> Bristol RI, USA

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