> As an aside (and just to make Bernard blush, if that's possible), if you
> ever get a chance to sit in on training or a presentation done by
> Bernard, DO IT!!!  I have to say that he was my favorite presenter at
> the conference (or maybe he just had the best and most interesting
> material...)  You'll learn lots of great information and techniques from
> him, and be entertained at the same time -- but be sure you've had lots
> of caffeine so you can keep up.  :-)

Yes, but if you have a chance to eat sushi with Bernard, make sure you
are at the end where he is ordering from to prevent the draining of
the entire ocean's population onto your table. ;-) I think we ate more
sushi at our table (of about 10-12 people) than was eaten that entire
day by all other patrons. ;-) I'm not complaining by any means. On
another plus side, the Sapporos kept coming. ;-)

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