Again, I thank you Max, but this time I have a few comments.

The article that youi pointed me to includes a table comparing several XML 
authoring and editing tools.  It says FM is available only on Windows, but 
lists AT as being available on Windows and Solaris.  This information seems to 
be reversed.  

They also list the WYSIWYG capabilities of AT as excellent, and list FM as very 
good.  Again, I think this information is not accurate.  Everyone I have talked 
or emailed with - including the PTC sales reps who came here - has said that 
Epic Editor presents only a fair WYSIWYG display and to see what you are really 
going to get, you have to print it to PDF.  

So, I'm wondering how accurate the rest of the information in this article is.  
I suppose that judgements on visual presentations (how WYSIWYG" something is) 
can be subjective, but not the platforms on which an application runs.

Thanks lots!



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>A friend forwarded an article to me with more substantial and credible 
>statistics. Econtent magazine ran an article June of last year which quoted 
>800,000 FrameMaker users and 50,000 Arbortext Users. (Ironically, my "liberal" 
>extrapolation would have put users at 780,000, so I wasn't too far off!)
>You can view the WWW online version of this article at the following URL:
>... Hope that this helps. 
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>>Hi all,
>>I know Adobe keeps all of their numbers a Big Secret, but I am creating a 
>>comparison spreadsheet in my research on FM vs AT and I need to have a 
>>general idea of how many FM seats have been installed.  FM has been in use 
>>since the late 1980s and I would estimate at least 100K seats.  If anyone on 
>>the list can provide an more accurate number, I'd really appreciate the 
>>information.  Incidentally, PTC says they have 20K installed seats.

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