I only saw one of the sneak peek sessions, and don't recall hearing 
anything about XML comments or specifics on DITA support .. but I'd like 
to point out that the stripping of comments isn't a DITA App Pack issue 
.. it's a Frame issue .. the App Pack actually warns you about it when 
you open a file with comments. So it's more like a "medium" than a "big" 
.. :)


Bill Swallow wrote:
> On a serious note, what was discussed about DITA support? Currently
> the DITA package for FM has a few limitations and bigs (for example,
> stripping all XML comments from the files on use). Any indication that
> the DITA capabilities will be ready for prime time?
> On 5/17/07, Martinek, Carla <CMartinek at zebra.com> wrote:
>> I sat in on a couple of the Adobe previews at the conference, and I'm
>> seriously looking forward to Framemaker.next.
>> We're 'thisclose' to converting to XML/Dita, and the feature
>> improvements and support I saw coming from Adobe in the next version
>> make me confident that staying in FM will be a smart choice for our
>> smaller writing group.

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