Problem solved.

I have been working on this, on and off, for the past two months.  Turns
out that the XML application I set-up from the existing and working SGML
application is case sensitive.  I though I had accounted for all case
issues of elements and attributes.  The last piece was the case for
attributes in the read/write rules.  Problem solved.



Hi Richard...

Maybe you could describe what the problem is. I'm assuming that the file

isn't opening properly .. but what kind of errors are you getting? Do 
you have a structapp defined for this XML doctype?

> I have been trying to open up a XML document in FrameMaker 7.2 which
> contains graphic entities.  I am at a los as to what I am missing.
> graphics are declared at the top of the XML document instance.  The
> structure of the XML document instance is valid.
> Anyone have a hint as to what I might look at to resolve this?

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