Pinkham, Jim wrote:
> I'm using FM 7.1p116 and Illustrator 9.0.  It would seem that there
> should be a way to get beyond/behind the standard white background of an
> imported Illy file to show only the image. I'm not sure if the problem
> of the white canvas obscuring the gridlines is an Illy problem/feature
> or on the Frame side. In any case, the goal would be to take advantage
> of the gridlines to position and align callouts. I suspect I'm missing
> something obvious. What I see today is shown at:
>  Any suggestions as to
> what to do?

It's not an Illustrator 'feature' -- it's just that Frame doesn't 
support transparency.  But read the Help entry on Using Grids. You'll 
find that if you set the visible grid lines and the (snap) grid spacing 
to the same value, and turn on Graphics > Snap, your callouts will 
snap-align to the grid even though you can't see the grid lines behind 
the white background.  (In fact, you can just use the snap feature and 
turn off the visible grid lines, for a much less cluttered view.)


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