I checked and had Fill defaulted to None. Thanks for the suggestion,
though. It was well worth trying. 

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Jim, have you tried selecting the graphic in FrameMaker, and then in
Graphics > Tools, choosing Fill > None? Sometimes this enables
transparency in an imported graphic. Worth a try. Let us know how it
works for you.


Peter Gold
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Stuart Rogers wrote:
> Pinkham, Jim wrote:
>> I'm using FM 7.1p116 and Illustrator 9.0.  It would seem that there 
>> should be a way to get beyond/behind the standard white background of

>> an imported Illy file to show only the image. I'm not sure if the 
>> problem of the white canvas obscuring the gridlines is an Illy 
>> problem/feature or on the Frame side. In any case, the goal would be 
>> to take advantage of the gridlines to position and align callouts. I 
>> suspect I'm missing something obvious. What I see today is shown at:
>> http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=332480.  Any suggestions as 
>> to what to do?
> It's not an Illustrator 'feature' -- it's just that Frame doesn't 
> support transparency.  But read the Help entry on Using Grids. You'll 
> find that if you set the visible grid lines and the (snap) grid 
> spacing to the same value, and turn on Graphics > Snap, your callouts 
> will snap-align to the grid even though you can't see the grid lines 
> behind the white background.  (In fact, you can just use the snap 
> feature and turn off the visible grid lines, for a much less cluttered

> view.)
> HTH,

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