Hi all-

I've decided to dive into Structured FM and see if I can make these
Release Notes easier to manage. Since we don't yet have a need for
markup, I'm starting with just the EDD so at least we'll have some of
the benefits of a structured environment in place before we get other
departments involved (if that ever happens). I have a basic EDD written,
and am working on the conversion table so I can move the little content
that I already have into the structured environment for the next

Here's a basic rundown of the document structure:
The Release Notes book contains a cover/copyright info file, TOC, and
4-5 chapters. (I'm not even going to worry about the non-chapter files
at this point...)
Each chapter is a numbered Section.
Each Section consists of a section number (SNumber), title (STitle), an
introductory paragraph (Para), and one or more SubSections.
Each SubSection consists of a Title, a bulleted list of CRs, and the CR
descriptions. Each ListItem is a cross-reference to the CR, which is in
the same SubSection.
Each CR consists of a Title and a Description.
The Description for the CR is defined as one or more paragraphs (Para+)
and zero or more lists (List?).

Most of this works fine, although I haven't tested the cross-references
yet. That'll be another email....

For now, the question is, what's wrong with my conversion table that I
can't get the Description element to be wrapped properly around the
paragraphs and lists that follow a CR Title? If I specify E:Para as the
object(s) to be wrapped in the Description element, the intro paragraph
that follows the Section Title (STitle) is wrapped too. Which it
shouldn't be. Only paragraphs (and lists) that fall under the CR Title
(Title[CR], as opposed to Title[SubSection] or STitle) should be wrapped
in the Description element.

Here's the relevant snippet from the conversion table (I hope it's

Wrap this object or objects   In this element         With this
RE:RootElement                Book      
E:SNumber, E:STitle, E:Para, 
  E:List*, E:SubSection*      Section   
P:0 SectionNumber             SNumber   
P:0 ChapterTitle        Stitle      Section
  (E:Para* | E:List* | CR*)*  SubSection        
P:B Body Text                 Para      
P:1 Heading 1                 Title                    SubSection
P:2 Heading 2   Title   CR
  (E:Para*, E:List?)          CR[Type = "Known Issue"] CR
E:Para[CR]+, E:List[CR]?      Description       

I hope this is clear enough. My mind is reeling! (And I'm sure the
solution is much simpler than the question...)
Thanks for any and all advice!

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