At 12:11 -0500 23/5/07, Lin Surasky wrote:

>For now, the question is, what's wrong with my conversion table that I
>can't get the Description element to be wrapped properly around the
>paragraphs and lists that follow a CR Title? If I specify E:Para as the
>object(s) to be wrapped in the Description element, the intro paragraph
>that follows the Section Title (STitle) is wrapped too. Which it
>shouldn't be. Only paragraphs (and lists) that fall under the CR Title
>(Title[CR], as opposed to Title[SubSection] or STitle) should be wrapped
>in the Description element.

Lin... I don't have time to debug your conversion table right now, but here's a 
tip that might be useful to you: you can simulate single-stepping of the 
process by conditionalizing the rows of your conversion table and selectively 
enabling them. This is often a help to see where things go wrong, especially in 
the case of tables that use qualifiers.


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