I have a request to establish links from an HTML document on my company's
web site to a specific topic within a PDF file produced via FrameMaker. Has
anyone done this before?

The HTML page summarizes changes in a recent release and references about
100 individual features. Each feature has a number and those numbers appear
in the PDF file, but each number appears at least three times and, in some
cases, more often. In only one place is the actual text they are wanting to
link to.

Plus, the (PDF) release document is still changing.

I can think of ways to do this by pulling the HTML document into FrameMaker
and setting up the links there, then creating HTML (or PDF) output, but I
can't think of a good way to do exactly what I'm asked to do other than
linking to specific page numbers, which would be time-consuming to set up
and difficult to maintain.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Michael Norton

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