FrameMaker's very practical typographic aces-in-the-hole - 
side headings, straddle headings that run across all columns, 
and across all columns and side heads, and run-in heading 
paragraphs that "snug up" to subsequent paragraphs - aren't 
what the "font-fondlers" mean by "sophisticated" typographic 
abilities, but they are pretty rare among professional 
publishing products, which gives FrameMaker an important edge 
in usability and efficiency.

Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Rene Stephenson wrote:
> I agree with Steve. The time saved of being able to use
> variables, conditional text, text insets, and custom books
> built from shared chapters -- all features of FM that Word
> can't duplicate -- has enabled me to produce quality,
> custom documents that meet the various needs of our
> divergent customer base with maximum efficiency. If I have
> to change some info about a new development in a product, I
> only have to change it in one place, and the next time I
> print the 13 documents about that product, the change is
> consistently present in all 13 documents. At this point,
> the only thing I use Word for is online forms that we
> distribute to non-writers.
> Rene Stephenson
> Steve Rickaby <srickaby at> wrote: For
> me, Frame is mission-critical: no more, no less. I don't
> know about broadening horizons, but if I'd been forced to
> use Word for everything these past fifteen years, I'd have
> given up tech authoring long ago.

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