You can create a List of References and specify graphics (assuming it
is imported by reference -- copied-in won't show up). That may be your
best starting point. If you were going to check multiple files/books,
I think I'd copy all the list content together, then convert it to a
table and sort it....


On 5/30/07, Pinkham, Jim <Jim.Pinkham at> wrote:
> If one has a figure at c:\docs\manuals\widgets\bigredwidget.eps, is
> there a ready way to determine what FM manuals are importing
> bigredwidget.eps by reference?
> In our case, we might have six copies of bigredwidget.eps floating
> around. If we wish to clean things up and replace them with one copy of
> the image file in one graphics folder, it would help to find them all
> quickly and update the referring links. I have a duplicates finder
> utility to reassure me when an image file has the same size and
> checksum. That helps a little. But it doesn't show me which FM files are
> grabbing any of the various versions in their various places.
> Jim
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